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UKMap is a modern, highly detailed and feature-rich mapping database.  Its innovative design offers users a flexible choice of integrated map layers within a single geographic information source.  


Based on 1:1,000 scale topographic mapping, UKMap accurately locates buildings, garages, property boundaries, roads, trees and a multitude of other features.   


UKMap is being utilised by a number of key commercial and public organisations such as Metropolitan Police, Thames Water, Arup, London Fire, TfL and many more.

"UKMap brings a revolution to large-scale mapping "

Team Leader, Research & Intelligence,

London Borough of Brent

UKMap Coverage Map

Download the "UKMap At a a glance" document for reading offline. (8mb)



With over 100 million individual information items, all geographically linked, UKMap provides a comprehensive database of features and activities across Greater London.  


Examples of some of the information and features it provides are:


  • Buildings, roads, fences, pavements, trees

  • Land use, land cover

  • Points of interest

  • Addresses

  • Heights of buildings

  • Shopping centres, retail sites

  • Aerial photography

  • Digital terrain data



More UKMap facts


  • 13 million map polygons

  • 4 million addresses

  • 2 million buildings

  • 134,000 points of interest

  • 121,000 retail locations

  • 36,000 speed humps



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Accurate data


Created with the professional in mind, UKMap has been collected to the highest standards and is similar to that of other national mapping agencies.


"Land Registry is able to confirm that UKMap meets Land Registry's requirements as a mapping base on which registration applications can be made and is comfortable accepting these based on UKMap"


HM Land Registry

Maintained data


With an ever-changing city, like London, how do you keep data up to date?


The UKMap team releases UKMap on a bi-annual basis. These releases are updated with new information from the following sources:


  • New aerial surveys (generally around 2 - 3 years apart)

  • Fieldwork surveys using vehicle-based video

  • Customer feedback and change requests


The red circles in the graphic opposite show the location and extent of identified change from one aerial survey in 2010 to the next in 2013.  This is made up of four 25 sqkm blocks out of 90 UKMap blocks covering Greater London.




Get instant access to UKMap's highly-detailed, large-scale mapping, complete with its standard legend colour scheme, plus high res aerial imagery through our UKMap Web Mapping Service (WMS) and developer focussed API.


Served using the very best European-based Amazon servers and developed with open protocols, the API utilises Leaflet and the WMS is OGC compliant.


Contact us for details on how to get your free trial access key for our UKMap WMS and API services.


Read press release.

Simple flexible low-cost licencing


Licensing UKMap data couldn't be easier.  We have a simple pricing and straight-forward licencing structure.


We offer the following licences:


  • Project (for all users involved in a specific project)

  • Departmental (use within a department)

  • Corporate (unlimited use for a business)


We also offer internet and subcontractor use options.

3D ready


UKMap is 3D enabled, in particular our buildings which contain height information. Collected from LiDAR and aerial photography, the UKMap height data provides a very quick way to create stunning visualisation that is both accurate and compelling.


Ground height information is also available through the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) supplied as part of UKMap.




The information contained in the many layers of UKMap supports a vast range of applications such as:


  • Master planning

  • Asset management

  • Highway management

  • Traffic management orders

  • Planning applications

  • Property management

  • Tree preservation orders

  • Local development frameworks

  • BLPU mapping

  • Flood modelling

  • Urban design

  • Retail analysis

  • Land use studies

  • Open space mapping

  • Telecommunications network planning


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UKMap Demonstrator


This map shows our UKMap standard legend colour scheme incorporating:


  • Buildings, residential, retail and other

  • Addresses

  • Road names

  • Trees

  • Road and transport detail

  • Back garden features

  • Water and rail


Use the buttons or your mouse to explore this section of UKMap.


Pan around the sample and click on any feature to reveal all the information held in UKMap about that feature.


A complete list of all the codes used to describe features is provided in the Reference Guiide.



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Reference Guide

If you would like to know more about how UKMap can help you or what other data we collect please click the 'Find out more' button below.

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