Land Insight and Land Use Statistics


Geomni specialises in delivering land insight, property data and land-use and statistics to help organisations understand the use and characteristics of their area of interest. Our product delivers the UK land use data that you need to make well-informed decisions.

Why should I use Geomni for my UK Land Use Data

Geomni has a history of delivering consistent, national scale products classifying and mapping the land-use and land-cover of the UK. Our land-use products include:

  • UKLand -  Discover the use of land across the length and breadth of the UK, with land use mapping and statistics designed to help users understand large areas or regions. UKLand delivers a comprehensive view of how land is used in the UK, which is consistent and accurate.

  • UKMap - Benefit from the most comprehensive and highly detailed view of land-use in the Greater London area. UKMap delivers unique land-use and land-cover information and statistics to support planning, design, development projects and site investigations in London.


Alongside our land insight products, we also maintain UKBuildings, which focuses on property characteristics and information regarding residential and commercial properties in the UK. Find out more below.


  • UKBuildings - UKBuildings is a unique national database of building characteristics created by Geomni to provide detailed information about individual buildings and understand the character of an area. 

Who can benefit?


Our land-use data has been used by

  • Consultancies

  • Local Government

  • Utilities

  • Telecoms network operators and

  • Land and property managers.

land insights aerial view
land insights aerial view

land insights geomni
land insights geomni

land insights aerial view
land insights aerial view



If you are looking for land insight that will improve your decision-making processes and save time and money,  get in touch.