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Tile Grid

The UKMap Production Block and Tile Numbering System (TNS) is based on the GB National Grid co-ordinate system.


The numbering system is based on 100km x 100km areas and sub divisions into 5km x 5km which are the UKMap production blocks. These can be further sub divided into 1km x 1 km tiles.


The TNS is a combination of letters and numbers, which provide a unique identifier for each square kilometre.


A square kilometre tile is referenced within the 5km x 5km production block using a letter code from A to Y.

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UKBuildings Coverage Map


Data is continually being added to the core database along with updates and improvements to each of the core data items.


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We have national coverage for building footprints across the UK.


Those areas shaded in the Property Footprints layer, opposite, represent areas where we have sub divided buildings with their property divisions and added height information. 


Request UKBuildings Reference Guide for more information

Completed (Status 1)

In Progress (Status 2)


In Planning (Status 3)

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Click on the shaded areas to reveal further information about each location.

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Coverage Map


UKLand is a national GB Cover database.  The core areas that are maintained annually are England, Scotland and Wales.  Northern Ireland is current to 2011.


Data is not only available on a GB or country basis but also specific areas can be ordered by referencing the tile map opposite.


The tile grid covers the maintained areas.  For areas outside of the these tiles (Northern Ireland) please contact us for more information on ordering.


Click on the text in the blue box to reveal the coverage map with tile names - visible when you zoom in.




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