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UKBuildings is a unique national database of building characteristics created by Geomni UK to provide detailed information about individual buildings and to give an understanding of the character of an area. If you need to know the age, use, height, residential type, number of floors, location, structural detail, or area of a building, UKBuildings can help.



UKMap provides the most comprehensive and highly detailed view of buildings and their use, land-use and land-cover for the Greater London area. Created and maintained by Geomni UK, the unique information available within the product supports a wide range of uses including planning, design and development projects and site investigations.



UKLand is a spatial database created and maintained by Geomni UK, showing the use of land across the whole of the United Kingdom. It is designed to help users gain an understanding of large areas or regions, or identify specific areas, and offers a comprehensive and consistent view of the use of the land across the UK.