The GeoInformation Group Opens Up UKMap To GIS Community

Sometimes when all you want is a map, handling detailed and complex data can be frustrating.

Of course you want the detail and complexity to make your map stand out or show something no one else has, so how do you solve this?

Well, here at UKMap we have recognised this frustration and have created a simple solution for you.

We now offer a UKMap Web Map Service (WMS) and Application Program Interface (API). These help you to rapidly access UKMap's highly-detailed, large-scale mapping of London to create stunning maps based on our detailed data.

The UKMap WMS provides instant access to UKMap’s high-resolution aerial photography and base mapping of London that can be seamlessly integrated within your existing application.

This managed service provides an attractive benefit to you whether you're a developer or from the GIS community at large and require instant access to the capital's most comprehensive and accurate mapping available.

The feature-rich data boasts; 1:1,000 scale topographic mapping, features including roads, rail and water, land use information, building footprints, garden fences and outbuildings, house numbers and street names, points of interest and more.

The benefits of UKMap WMS include; fast servers for rapid delivery (without storage overheads) and access to regularly maintained and updated mapping for the whole of London that comes attractively stylised in UKMap’s standard legend colour scheme.

This is the ideal mapping solution for software developers and programmers who create solutions and systems and require rapid access to highly detailed mapping for their clients. It is also of interest to any business or organisation who simply wish to use the data as an accurate validation of features on the ground.

In association with UKMap WMS The GeoInformation Group has also developed the UKMap API service. Based on Leaflet, a modern open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps, this service is capable of working across all major desktop and mobile platforms out-of-the-box.

UKMap API offers the ability for developers to call up maps and aerial imagery, overlay map markers and locate their very own information on highly-detailed mapping.

Demo licences with access codes for UKMap WMS or UKMap API are available on request. Please visit:, email us or call +44 (0) 1223 891700 to find out more.

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