UKMap Edition 15 Released

I am often surprised when people remark "What? UKMap is updated?" Yes, hard to believe, but we are continually updating our UKMap database, and a release occurs every 6 months, in March and September.

This blog looks at our latest release, Release 15. It includes a wide array of updates and revisions as part of our ongoing commitment to maintain the quality and currency of the data.

With over 11 million polygons, 13 million points and some 4 million addresses this is a considerable task, but one our dedicated team of mapping experts is happy to do. New Point of Interest (POI) The latest edition includes, for the first time, a complete set of Bank ATMs. They are part of the Point of Interest layer and are geo-referenced as point features in the Points layer. New Retail Classification Codes (RCC) A new RCC code has been introduced for the ATMs and there is also a new code for Fitness Studios where these are found as part of a retail area. The revised list can be found in Edition 15 User Guide that accompanies the latest release. New Feature Classification Codes (FCC) New FCC codes, the land use classification, have been added for:

Animal Boarding Establishments

Farm Tracks

Advanced Stop Lines (bike boxes at traffic lights)

The FCC for Horse Training Area has also been expanded to include Stables. The revised list can be found in Edition 15 User Guide.

Name Change for Bike Hire

The 'Boris Bikes' Barclays Cycle Hire locations have been renamed Santander Cycle Hire and UKMap has been updated to reflect this. The new description of the Type of Point of Interest (TPI) has been amended in Edition 15 of the User Guide.

New Aerial Imagery for Future London Updates A new aerial survey at 10 cm was commissioned for London during 2015. Unfortunately, weather conditions and restricted air traffic control meant it was not flown and will now be captured in Spring 2016. The area for the new survey extends beyond the M25 and will be the basis of the planned expansion of the UKMap London database.

Statues Database Improved We have begun improving the location and identification of statues in London – this is partially completed and will be finished in time for Edition 16. UKMap Spec Data Outside of London During the last year, there have been a number of client projects throughout the UK involving the collection of map data that comply with the full UKMap specification. This work supports the rural version of the specification which will be used in the expansion of the London database across the Green Belt. More about this in a future post..... For more information contact

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