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Instant access to Geomni and other data products

UKMapStore offers access to a wide range of geospatial and mapping data including unique access to Geomni data products. From the most detailed mapping (Ordnance Survey MasterMap and UKMap), to building characteristics, land-use data, aerial photography, historical mapping and height data, all can be purchased and downloaded with just a few clicks.

Get immediate access to the latest mapping data to speed up your project and improve decision making.


The site offers

Easy, instant access to:

  • Definitive Ordnance Survey maps and data, 

  • Geomni data products, only available from this site, including UKBuildings with

        - Building Footprint
        - Building Age
        - Building Use
        - Building Height

  • Aerial photography, 

  • 3D models

  • Detailed London land-use, land-cover, road characteristics and building information

  • Site reports and more


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Ready-to-use data, perfect for planning applications, development and asset management. 

Aerial imagery

Multiple suppliers offering a range of dates and resolutions.


A variety of reports including planning history, contaminated land, and borehole logs.

OS Products

OS StreetView, VectorMap Local, etc.

3D Models

3D Models offering various levels of detail.


Historical mapping by year in varying scales, available as either image files or reports.

Height data

Building height data offering a range of types, dates and resolutions.

Flood and SuDS

GIS data, reports, and risk assessments for flooding and sustainable draining systems.


Geology mapping for the UK including bedrock and slope stability maps available as PDFs.

Products available on UKMapStore


Discover the significant benefits that UKMapStore has to offer to you and your project.

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