Aerial imagery and custom mapping services


Geomni operate one of the largest private fleets of survey aircraft in the world. 


The fleet of fixed-wing aircraft are located in 14 hubs across the United States, enabling the quickest response to capture imagery following major storms or catastrophic events. The image capture teams also gather geospatial data on a continual basis to provide a base level of imagery of all urban areas.


The aircraft use the latest technologies to capture vertical and oblique imagery that support production of detailed building and roof models. These models can be complemented by UAV surveys and imagery captured from mobile phones.


Geomni sensor and processing technology has been operating in Europe since 2018 capturing major cities such as Paris (below).



Aerial Imagery

Large format aerial imagery uses state of the art digital sensors to capture vertical, oblique and often LIDAR data. Typically image resolutions range from 5-10cm on the ground.




  • 5 – 12.5cm resolution, orthorectified photo databases

  • Oblique imagery to provide mulitple detailed views of buildings and infrastructure

  • Consistent, high quality, colour imagery

  • Infrared imagery

  • Lidar point clouds 

  • Digital surface and terrain models

  • Web viewer and ArcGIS Pro plugin for viewing and 3D measurement from oblique imagery

  • Web and API delivery of image libraries

  • State of the art, high performance data processing capabilities

  • Raw imagery available for specialist applications

  • Generation of detailed digital building and roof models




  • Map and land use verification

  • Risk evaluation

  • Environmental management

  • Infrastructure planning

  • Archaeology mapping

  • Policy planning

  • Property development

  • Asset management

  • Network planning

  • Legal and court case support



Images shown:

  1. London vertical imagery

  2. Detail from vertical imagery

  3. London infra-red imagery

  4. Paris oblique imagery

Housing association asset map

Feature 4



Aerial Imagery: UAV Small area

Small format aerial imagery provides unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for small projects where speed and flexibility of capture is required.



  • Accurate, detailed and site specific geospatial data

  • Detailed terrain and imagery data for a range of applications

  • Accurate and detailed imagery

  • Fast and efficient image capture.



  • Rapid data collection without the need for long stable weather conditions

  • Flexibility to manoeuvre to areas at short notice

  • Opportunities to image at all times of the year (e.g. winter surveys, low tides)

  • Repeatability for future surveys, or in the case of data failure, in a fixed wing aircraft

  • Small area collection for areas up to 10 sqkm.

  • Useful as a possible alternative to fixed wing small areas

  • Manoeuvrable,  so you only pay for what you need mapped

  • Immediate data delivery

  • Suitable for corridor mapping or site , e.g. roads

  • Reduced risk for data collection

  • Programmable in flight offering flexibility during operating periods

UAV image collected over Cambridge Airport, 4cm ground resolution

Click to see full image

Custom mapping solutions

In addition to supporting standard products our highly experienced team can deliver custom projects to deliver mapping and digital data.


Example projects


  • Mapping ancient woodland across Wales to support policy making

  • Detailed Airport and site mapping

  • Identify and measure Greenspace to support government policy

  • Measure the change in land cover over 30 years to aid water companies improve system capacity

  • Mapping Housing Association properties 

  • Supply of Ordnance Survey data