Just some of our clients
A leading supplier of risk information to the insurance sector. LexisNexis deliver our UKBuildings footprint and commercial data to some of their key insurance clients.
Responsible for some 300,000 people in NW London this council has used UKMap and aerial imagery products for planning and development purposes.
A utility company supplying water to London and surrounding areas. Our projects team mapped change in ground surface type to assist storm water modelling.
This London Borough implemented a program for grounds maintenance using our UKMap data and saved £45m as part of a modernisation process.
Savills (UK) Ltd is one of the UK's largest providers of real estate services. Supporting its clients in finding new sites is made possible using our UKLand database.
The worlds leading academic research institution uses a range of our products including UKBuildings, UKMap and UKLand to assist in its energy research programs
Managing the gas network throughout Scotland and the south of England, SGN used our UKBuildings data to identify age of gas pipe for replacement, saved £m's.
Landmark Information Group is a key partner of UKMap, providing easy access to our products via their Promap service. Landmark’s team of experts and our data deliver intelligence and solutions to enable land & property professionals to make informed decisions.
With over 5m customers, LV= is one of the UK’s leading insurers. They use our Commercial Buildings data within a mapping tool to improve their underwriting process.
The Defence Geographic arm of the MOD has been a long time user of our high resolution aerial photography for a range of defence applications.
With a growing population Hull need to keep up to date with this change and they have done that for the past 15 years using our aerial photography.
Managing one of the UK's busiest airports is no easy task. However it is made easier using our UKSurvey asset mapping and aerial imagery.
One of history's best Olympics needed efficient transportation. The UKMap team provided mapping and 300,000 additional road features to make this possible.
Expansion of the broadband network is a key development for the Scottish Government. Planning this was made possible using our UKLand database.
St Helena is an internally self-governing Overseas Territory of the UK in the South Atlantic. They selected us to provide them with satellite imagery for their national mapping project
TfL manage London busy transportation system. Their flagship wayfinding product, Legible London, was built and continue to develop using UKMap.
Newlon owns or manages around 8,000 affordable homes,in NE London. It chose us and our UKMap and UKSurvey products to deliver its asset mapping database.
The Metropolitan police are a long term user of our UKMap and aerial imagery products for a range of policing applications.
BAA Gatwick needs to manage its infrastructure and growth. It chose us to provide it with high resolution aerial photography to support these tasks.
NHH owns or manages around 9,000 affordable homes in Herts and Beds. It chose us and our UKMap and UKSurvey products to deliver its asset mapping database.
MHS is the largest independent landlord in Kent, owning more than 8500 properties. It selected us to deliver them a database of the solar potential of each property.
As one of the world's premier multi-disciplinary consultancies ARUP chose UKMap for a high profile energy hotspot project across Greater London.
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